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Dallas Cowboys Boat Spidernetting

About Boat Spidernetting

Our parent company, Pro International, has been in the boat spidernetting business for over 20 years.

We can customize your Spider Net to fit any boat slip to protect from insects and birds. Other applications include sun screens, wind screens, horse arenas, privacy fencing, RV canopies, tennis court screens, baseball fields and pool covers.

Why Choose Boat Spider net

Are you tired of having to scrub your boat every time you take your family out for a day on the water? Do you spend more time cleaning your boat than enjoying your boat? Do you spend more money on costly and dangerous chemicals than you do on sun screen and boat accessories? Spider Net is a revolutionary product to protect your boat from bothersome bugs, birds, and their droppings. Suspended over your boat, Spider Net is a well-constructed American Made product. Spider Net is made of sturdy AAA Grade Polypropylene with heavy-duty webbing and brass grommets.

Boat Spider Net Versatility

Boat Spidernetting primarily offers UV-treated Black 100% AAA Grade Polypropylene and heavy duty webbing, large brass grommets, heavy-duty locking zip ties, 320 Ib tensile strength, and 120 Ib tear strength. Our Spider Nets are custom fitted to any type of structure, maintain their outstanding appearance, and offer ventilated weather protection year-round.

We can customize your Spider Net to fit any boat slip to protect it from insects and birds. Other applications include sunscreens, windscreens, horse arenas, privacy fencing, RV canopies, tennis court screens, baseball fields, and pool covers.

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What Our Clients Think

“I’ve got to tell you, that is some great stuff you are selling. We are thoroughly impressed with its durability and appearance.”

The quality of the product and the great customer service we received was exceptional. 

It is a true pleasure doing business with a company that cares about its customers.

I love my fabric makes the area so much cooler. everyone that has seen them is impressed.

American made to last

Frequently Asked Questions


"How much does this stuff cost? Can you send me a price list?"

As a custom manufacturer, there’s no such thing as a price list or a price per square foot (think of it as having a custom-tailored suit made for yourself). Because everyone’s application sizes differ, our product pricing is based on height. length and number of pieces.

"What colors does it come in?"
You can get a variety of colors and printed fabrics.
"Do I buy a pre-made size and cut it to fit?"

Gosh no. Working together, we determine the size of the opening you want to cover and custom-manufacture our products to fit that opening specific. We can produce something as small as an envelope or as big as a billboard.

Boat Spidernetting

100% Made in the USA

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